Which Company Provides the Most Detailed Credit Report

Credit report and monitoring services have recently become popular and widely used by millions of Americans because credit score monitoring is essential in today’s times.

Not only is having a good credit score and credit history important in getting a car loan or renting an apartment, it can also determine whether one gets hired for a job. Credit score management and monitoring is also very important to protectoneself from being a victim of identity theft, to which over $1 billion is lost every year.

However, not all credit report services are alike. Some companies provide a wide list of services, while others provide only bare basics with little or no customer assistance. Some companies offer insurance up to $1,000,000 and some provide very little to no coverage in the event that identity theft does occur.

Major Credit Report Agencies

There are three major credit report agencies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Among them Equifax Monitoring is ahead in credit report and monitoring services. They offer a wide range of options to suit anyone’s needs. They also have the Equifax Credit Watch Gold with 3-in-1 Monitoring program which is very impressive and comprehensive.

With a monthly fee of only $12.95, one will receive an all-encompassing credit report package. Some of the options included with that package are comprehensive credit file monitoring and automated alerts of key changes to a person’s Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit reports; wireless and customizable alerts; a 3-in-1 Credit Report and unlimited access to your Equifax Credit Report; up to $1,000,000 identity theft insurance with no deductible; and 24/7 customer service assistance.

Which Company Provides the Most Detailed Credit Report

Equifax also has the unique ability to provide online dispute service for credit accounts, collections, liens and more. To prevent information in your Equifax credit file from being used by credit grantors and companies that attempt to send credit card applications without permission, they can also permit a credit freeze to be placed on your account.

Another service is the Equifax Rate Finder. It identifies the best interest rates for major purchases (such as cars and homes), compared to credit score and history. This can save time and energy from calling banks and haggling for the best deals.